Hjort Beer

HJORT BEER is a contract brewery established in 2017 by Carsten Hjort Bjerre from Aalborg. In 2015 he started brewing at home in the basement, and experimented with malt, hops, yeast and water profiles. He brewed every weekend the first year, and his methodical approach, from a background as an engineer, came to his advantage.

In 2017 he won both gold and silver at the Danish Championships. The first two beers from HJORT BEER are the winning beers from DM 2017, "Wiener Walzer" - a Vienna Lager and "Brown Bella" - a Belgian Double.

Since then several new special beers have been added. The award-winning “Alexander” is a Baltic porter named after his eldest son. "Alexander" has just won a silver medal at the Barcelona Beer Challenge in March 2019. The same beer won the 1st prize, as the best "Goodnight" beer in the North, at the Nordic Brew Festival in 2018.

Carsten Hjort has a preference for the good classic beer styles, where the balance is in focus – but preferably with a little edge. The beer is always brewed with the best ingredients – and preferably organic. He himself helps to brew all his beers at selected microbreweries with extensive experience in the specific beer styles. He has great passion for the good traditional craft brew, which is of course unpasteurized, and unfiltered.